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“Dear President Moon, was the opportunity equal? Was the process fair? Was the result just?”

[관련기사=조국 후보자 딸 입시 부정 논란에 임현택 회장 신문광고 게재 "문재인 대통령님, 기회는 평등했습니까? 과정은 공정했습니까? 결과는 정의로웠습니까?"]

University admission scandal of the daughter of justice minister nominee Cho Kuk … “Dear President Moon, was the opportunity equal? Was the process fair? Was the result just?”  
Dear President Moon Jae-In, Can’t the justice be achieved if there are no money and backgrounds regardless of the unparalleled efforts?” 

Hyun Taek Lim, President of the Korean Pediatric Association said that an advertisement was published in major daily newspapers that criticized the university admission scandal of the daughter of Cho Kuk, Justice Minister nominee. 
In the advertisement, President Lim mentioned “medical thesis is not homework for vacation. The scandal with nominee Cho’s daughter is a typical wrongful act of university admission. Denying this fact is like covering the sky with one hand.” 
President Lim pointed out that “Both parents are the graduates of SNU and professors with exceeding 5 billion KRW as private assets and their daughter was listed as the author of the theses which helped her get into the university and medical school after the 2-week internship. Though she flunked, after her grandmother visited the school to give away a picture to the hospital director, the daughter was awarded with scholarships with very poor grade and economical wealth,” and went onto say “Is this a society free from privilege, fouls, and a world that benefits from common sense that the president is referring to.” 
President Lim said “What has been done by the nominee and his spouse are the acts causing big disappointments to the high school students and their parents who try so hard without sleeping for many years and study with their highest endeavor from the early morning to late night in this hot summer.  

President Lim mentioned “what qualifies a good justice minister is someone whose goal is to defend the justice and also to follow the law most strictly. It is not the person who says ‘there is no legal problem’ by circumventing the net using all the legal knowledge that he knows."
President Lim explained “it is being disclosed to everyone that the nominee Cho has committed too many fouls. It will give too many frustrations and disappointments to the people if someone who has committed numerous fouls will take the seat as a justice minister though he should pursue the justice and defend the law until the last moment” 

By Sol Im 

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