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Korean Medical Assiociation(KMA) “It should withdraw the telemedicine pilot project in Gangwon regulation-free special zone”

Korean Medical Assiociation(KMA) 

[한글기사=의협 "의료를 산업으로 보는 문재인 정부, 강원도 규제자유특구지역의 원격의료 시범사업 철회해야"

Demand Minister Park Neung Hoo of the Ministry of Health & Welfare and Minister Park Young Sun of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to resign in front of the Seoul government building on the 25th day of July 

In front of the Seoul government buildings on the 25th day, the Korean Medical Association called for withdrawing the pursuit of the telemedicine pilot project in Gangwon regulation-free special zone, which Minister Park Young Sun of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (hereafter “MSS”) announced yesterday. The Korean Medical Association criticized that the Moon administration regards the medical services that are directly related to the public health as an industry, and appealed by saying ‘Are the people of this nation the dummy patients? Let the telemedicine be withdrawn,’ ‘Ministry of Health & Welfare (hereafter “MHW”) should reflect on impeding the public health,’ ‘Resign from your role, Park Young Sun, for removing the regulations indiscreetly. 

Chairman Choi said, “As the government designated Gangwon province as the regulation-free special zone, they announced and fully authorized the actual telemedicine there. The difference between the pilot project between the past and now is that the government is trying to carry forward with the service between the physicians and patients,” and pointed out "We have not been consulted even once on this in advance, and the telemedicine between doctors and patients is the violation of medical law."

He said, "face-to-face medical care is the fundamental rule of the medical service. The telemedicine should be permitted only on exceptional bases that the face-to-face medical service is not possible. In order to enable face-to-face medical care, patient transfer systems must be developed and physician visit service should be more activated. Untact medical care should be minimized.” 

Chairman Choi said, “The current direction that the government is pushing forward is basically wrong. In this sense, telemedicine projects cannot be done. It is dangerous for the public health and life to approach medical service from the perspectives of corporate, industrial and commercial pursuit. "The telemedicine specified in Article 34 of the current medical law is to support medical technology between the medical professionals; thus, it is not permitted for a doctor to prescribe medicines remotely using a digital device as described in the pilot project."

Chairman Choi said, "The telemedicine initiated by the government is a declaration of war for all 130,000 members of the Korean Medical Association who are devoting themselves to the public health even in the midst of difficult circumstances," and raised his voice by saying “We demand the resignation of Minister Park Young Sun in The MSS for being calculative on the health issues of the public in the nation and the resignation of Minister Park Neung Hoo in MHW for being an incompetent bystander. "

Chairman Choi added, "The Korean Medical Association now solemnly declares that we will fight this war in every way and in whatever way we can."

By Da-Yeon Jeong 

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