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An average monthly salary of an internal medicine doctor in Seoul is $9948, a weekly working hours are 49.1 hours

[관련기사=서울 지역 내과의사 평균 월급은 1193만원, 주당 근무시간은 49.1시간]

Doctor:Gate- Salary Index, you can check on your salary level and working hours when entering the region•department•working hours. 

[MedigateNews] MediC&C, #1 Doctor community in Korea, has launched a data-based service, ‘Doctor:Gate(’, for medical professionals and doctor members. 

Doctor:Gate-salary index provides the information on the level of salary and working hours based on information posted on the job posting site of the Medi:Gate website in the past 1 year. This service can be used by the Medi:Gate doctor members only and they can enter the changed information once every 3 months. 

According to the annual salary index, the average salary of the hospitalist (a.k.a paid doctor) is 12,350,000 won after tax, average monthly salary of the internal medicine department is 11,930,000 won($9948), average monthly salary of hospitalist (a.k.a paid doctor) in Seoul is 11,010,000 won, and average salary of the hospitalist (a.k.a paid doctor) working for the clinic is 11,000,000 won. 

A hospitalist (a.k.a paid doctor) called ‘A’ working for the internal medicine clinic in Seoul works 52 hours a week and earns 12,000,000 won per month after tax. Can we find out the level of salary and working condition of ‘A’ compared with the others in the same area and similar department? 

When ‘A’ enters his/her own medical department, area and working hours in the system, the salary range and the level of salary per hour will show up as follows.

"Your salary is 97% of the entire market median, and corresponds to 42 percentiles. Your salary is 101% of the market median in internal medicine, and corresponds to 45 percentiles. Your salary is 109% of the market median in Seoul, and corresponds to 47 percentiles. Your salary is 109% of the market median in private clinics and corresponds to 48 percentiles.”

As such, salary index is the service that the hospitalists can check on the average salary of other doctors by the area and department and compare their salary level based on the information. It is based on all job postings registered on MediGate in the past 1 year, and the trends in the number of domestic doctors by quarter after 2009 is based on the data from the National Statistical Office. 

When a doctor member of Medi:Gate enters monthly salary and weekly working hours, it provides detailed information related to the average salary, working hours, working environments using a calculator which estimates actual amount of salary between after tax(NET) and before tax(GROSS).You can check on your current salary level at a specific rate. Various working conditions such as paid holidays, housing, meal allowance, incentives, and etc. are provided in the chart, and it is also possible to check weekend working and on call ratios.

By Sol Im 

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